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Sep 2020

Where’s That Pre-Patch? | Barrens Chat Episode 64



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Sep 2020

Shadowlands: Spoke Too Soon | Barrens Chat Episode 63

We spoke too soon. Blizzard hasn't really made that much of a paradigm shift, and Sod didn't actually fix his audio.


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Sep 2020

Shadowlands: Blizzard’s Paradigm Shift, & Get a Guild | Barrens Chat Episode 62

Ayyyy Sod fixed his mic! Enjoy proper audio quality. We hit on some pertinent Shadowlands topics, and talk about how to set yourself up for success with guilds.


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Sep 2020

Shadowlands RELEASE DATE | Barrens Chat Episode 61

I apologize for Sod's audio. It's effed. Not sure why he turned his gain up. You'd have to ask him.


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Aug 2020

Happy Birthday BCP | Barrens Chat Episode 60

WOO! Episode 60 puts us just beyond our first year of Barrens Chat Pod. What have we learned? Not much. Hope you enjoy.


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Aug 2020

Shadowlands Waiting Room | Barrens Chat Episode 59

At this point if you're getting back into BfA or still catching up, pre-patch will probably be here before you're ready to do anything with 8.3. We discuss what you can still do, and talk some more about issues we expect in SL.

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Aug 2020

Farewell BfA & Shadowlands Critique | Barrens Chat Episode 58

We give our final farewell to BfA, potentially to classic as well as AQ transitions to farm content and the wait for the final raid begins. The final segment is about the things we think will suck about Shadowlands.

Aug 2020

AQ Opening, Drama, and More | Barrens Chat Episode 57

We talk about AQ opening early for China based on their reset, some interesting facets of the War Effort & Blizzard's handling of the opening, mass reporting trolling, and more.

Jul 2020

Race for AQ | Barrens Chat Episode 56

Today's the big day, who rings the gong first? Oh, it was APES? Cool

We talk about AQ, that Silithus might be like, and what you can do in the meantime in retail.

Jul 2020

Shadowlands: Weekly Resets, Systems, & Lore | Barrens Chat Episode 55

The second half of the massive Shadowlands content drop we got this month. We talk about Torghast, some coming Lore tidbits, and what we believe the weekly resets will be like with all these new systems.


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