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Barrens Chat | World of Warcraft Classic & Retail

Nov 2019

Phase 2’s HK Meta, in Retail | Barrens Chat Episode 22

Well, phase 2 in Classic WoW hasn't been received as well as anybody expected. This is mostly due to the imbalance on many servers, and the tactics used by minority factions to gain the upper hand. For the Battle For Azeroth side of things, we discuss raider io and how you can improve your chances of getting into a group when there seems to be nobody online.


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Nov 2019

Classic Phase 2 & Retail AV XP | Barrens Chat Podcast Episode 21

We talk about Phase 2's world bosses and their loot tables, how to farm some HK's, and how easy it is to level your alts in preparation for Shadowlands or gearing them up for 8.3. 


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Nov 2019

BlizzCon Breakdown! Shadowlands is coming | Barrens Chat Podcast Episode 20

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is our next retail expansion, and with it's announcement comes a flurry of new information. We breakdown the most important parts, with a more in-depth dive coming next week. Classic WoW's next phase is coming out next reset, get ready for the gatekeeping groups outside of dungeons to farm HKs.


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Oct 2019

Diving back into Retail WoW? | Barrens Chat Episode 19

Sod dives deeper into retail World of Warcraft, giving BfA another chance in preparation for 8.3. We're both excited for the raid and the system changes. I apologize, Guck's audio seems a little off this week. Not too much has happened in classic WoW so we spend a good amount talking about retail for once.


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Oct 2019

Classic WoW Update & A Pitch for Retail | Barrens Chat Episode 18

Not much has changed in the world of Classic WoW, aside from plenty of unrest with our guild situation. This drives Sod and Guck to check back in on Battle for Azeroth and make a surprise pitch for people to get back into raiding on retail. Will 8.3 be good enough, is the absence of a second raid in Phase 2 going to be enough, or will nothing save BfA?

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Oct 2019

The Gang gets a Purple in Classic WoW | Barrens Chat Episode 17

One of us gets a purple, and of all things its a weapon! The Classic WoW RNG gods bless us with this fine drop. We've dabbled in retail as well, checking in on some old systems and confirming that they are indeed exactly the same. Thanks for watching!


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Oct 2019

Barrens Chat LIVE Episode 1: Classic WoW Talk & Thanking the Viewers

A little bit of retail World of Warcraft talk, but mostly focused on Classic WoW as always. Hope you guys enjoy the nonsense, we had a lot of trouble getting it going but it was still a fun experiment. We will hopefully be getting more of these out in the future, but maybe not every week. We'll see.

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Oct 2019

BfA’s 8.3 Reveal & Our first run of Classic MC | Barrens Chat Episode 16

World of Warcraft fans have a ton of information to get into. Ion announced a ton of content coming in 8.3, raids and system changes included. In Classic WoW we ding 60, raid MC, and try to get some purples.

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Oct 2019

The End of Retail & The End-Game of Classic | Barrens Chat Episode 15

We start with a lot of discussion around Battle for Azeroth's War Campaign finale. Retail World of Warcraft's story is definitely interesting, but are the systems enough to keep players engaged? Of course we talk a lot about Classic WoW. We've been getting in Blackrock Depths, getting through the mid 50's, and getting lucky with epic drops! 


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Sep 2019

Grinding Mobs and 8.2.5 Slobs | Barrens Chat Episode 14

We squeeze in a little bit of retail World of Warcraft discussion with 8.2.5 releasing today. Been smashing classic WoW mostly, and we both deal with the 50's. Word up